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Peace & Justice Advocacy

IPJ, since 1970, continues to try to educate on some of the many important issues affecting our local and global family.  It is our goal to update and inform you on current legislation and it's effects, and to present options for taking positive action.  We also through years of networking, attempt to provide links to different groups working specifically on particular issues, to give additional tools of knowledge and insight towards creating a more just society for all, and our planet itself.


Please notify Senate President Pro Tem Schatz and Majority Floor Leader Rowden hat you oppose Missouri Senate SB4! This would severely restrict peoples’ access to the SNAP (food assistance) program. Empower Missouri brings us some startling numbers of just how many people would be affected: 
 - 47,000 people risk losing assistance each month if a reporting problem arises. 
 - 57,000 kids would be disqualified for at least half a year.
 - 11,000 people would be permanently ineligible for SNAP assistance! 
 Clearly, support of this bill would mean ignoring our call to lead the hungry.
Other action you can take (from Empower Missouri):
"Recruit senators to filibuster against the bill (report to us so that we can equip them with materials)

Help share a new report from the Missouri Budget Project on SNAP’s importance to our local economies. Find it athttps://bit.ly/2El5SOw

- Racial Justice

- Gun Violence

- Death Penalty

- Poverty/Hunger

- Immigration Reform

- Prison Industrial Complex

- Militarism

- Trade Policy

- Environment

- LOCAL (Missouri/Saint Louis Community


  • We advocate for public policies and community practices that will be steps toward dismantling racism.
  • We endorse and participate in workshops on racial justice and white privilege, and create educational materials to be used in conversations on race and racism.
  • New "Peace Pieces" electronic newsletter coming this FALL will address racial justice.


  • Call/Write/Email your elected leaders


We are developing a resource that will involve 2 areas that relate to the issue of guns

  • A continually updated listing of legislation involving guns on the federal level, as well as some legislation in local areas-look for this beginning in October.
  • A listing of positive toys and video games, as well as a critique of other entertainment possibilities for children related specifically to violence-out by November 1st.


  • Challenge the proliferation of weapons and the culture that teaches children it is acceptable to harm others 
  • Support legislation against the proliferation of guns in America
  • Call/Write/Email your elected leaders


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