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If Only Today You Knew… The Things That Make for Peace

For Christian High Schools & Youth Groups

by Dr. James McGinnis with Kevin LaNave



This unique 125-page resource for teachers and youth ministers on "peacemaking in post-9/11 America" challenges youth to put the Gospel call to peace into practice at a critical moment in human history.  Divided into two sections, "Images of Peace and the Pledge of Nonviolence" and "Responding to the Violence of Terrorism & War," these insightful units provide reflection and activities on the themes of:

  • "The Peacemaking Vision of Jesus," with extensive biblical reflection & compelling visuals

  • "Visions of Peace from Other Faith Traditions," especially Judaism & Islam

  • "The Peacemaking Vision of Gandhi," including an inspiring article by his grandson Arun

  • "Christian Teaching on War and Peace," with excerpts from THE CHALLENGE OF PEACE and Bishop Tom Gumbleton’s address to Pax Christi USA on "Living Nonviolence in Today’s Reality"

  • "Patriotism and the Christian," a variety of perspectives and models on this difficult issue

  • "The US War on Terrorism & Iraq," with excerpts from President Bush’s National Security Strategy Memorandum" of 9/02, the US Catholic Bishops’ letter on Iraq, and alternatives for US foreign policy

  • "Peacemakers - Prophets for Peace," including profiles of peacemakers in the Middle East and Northern Ireland and a process for interviewing local peacemakers

  • "Some Other Actions for Peace," with a variety of ways of promoting solidarity with peoples in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere; plus prayers for peace

  • "The UN Decade for a Culture of Peace & Nonviolence," a 4-page piece to help youth see the significance and possibilities of peacemaking in this critical decade

  • "Concluding Decisions on the Youth Pledge of Nonviolence," a process for embracing the Pledge as a holistic way of peacemaking "24/7/365"

Plus thoughtful reflections from Sojourners and the Fellowship of Reconciliation, special prayer cards from Pax Christi, and a copy of the special post-9/11 issue of YES Magazine on CAN LOVE SAVE THE WORLD?

All this is packaged in an attractive binder for only $29.95!


Check out some samples from "If Only Today You Knew… The Things That Make for Peace For Christian High Schools & Youth Groups"

Check out Christian Peacemaking Images and Reflections with photographs and reflections to be used with "If Only Today You Knew...   The Things That Make for Peace"



Note:  This material is also incorporated into the full Program Planning Guide and Teachers Manual for Christian High Schools and Youth Groups ($49.95)



The Things that Make for Peace for Christian Elementary Schools and Religious Education, K-8