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Resources for Christian High Schools and Youth Groups


Activities for Catholic Social Teaching

Resource Guide for High School Teachers & Youth Ministers


Celebrating Racial Diversity
Teacher's resource manual on racism, multicultural education, literature for children and youth, and justice heroes.


Christian High School and Youth Group Planning Guide and Teachers Manual
A practical guide for creating a school-wide program around the Youth Pledge of Nonviolence.


If Only Today You Knew… The Things That Make for Peace - High School and Youth Groups
This unique 125-page resource for teachers and youth ministers on "peacemaking in post-9/11 America" challenges youth to put the Gospel call to peace into practice at a critical moment in human history.


Peacemaking and the Powers
Promoting Justice & Peace in Post-9/11 America -- A 6-Session Program for Churches, Youth, & Religious Communities on Racism, Materialism & Militarism


The Pledge of Nonviolence
Centerpiece of the Families Against Violence Initiative, the Pledge is a seven-point commitment on how to live more peaceably.  Available in twelve languages.