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Circles of Hope

Circles of Peace

by LaDoris Payne-Bell

A practical and unique 40 page group process which will help:

  • Individuals and families move from being victims of violence to courageous advocates for peacemaking
  • Crate hope and peace through social support, educating for action, and organizing for change
  • Lead individuals and families to commit to nonviolence

Designed for those working with families, especially low income families, or individuals around issues of violence, peacemaking, and empowerment, for example:

  • Family life educators
  • Social service workers
  • School personnel
  • Coordinators of church outreach ministries
  • Victim support service coordinators

Linking the seven Kwanzaa principles with the seven components of the Family Pledge of Nonviolence makes this a valuable resource for families and groups wanting a multicultural perspective

Leader's Book:

1-49 copies:  $1.00 each


50+ copies:  $0.50 each


Also available:  Participant's Workbook.  16-page resource for those using the Pledge of Nonviolence in a Circle of Hope group.   Contains reflection sheets and worksheets on the Pledge, plus space for journaling.

Participant's Workbook:

1-49 copies: $1.00 each
50+ copies: $0.50 each