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Alternatives to Violence Kits
for Public Schools Grades K-5

Other Alternative to Violence Kits are available for Christian Schools and Christian Churches

Public Schools K-5 Kit contains:

  • A planning guide for creating a school-wide program around the School/Classroom Pledge of Nonviolence, with clear implementation steps, a peacemaking calendar, inspirational overview essay and a clear evaluation instrument

  • Descriptions of how several schools and school systems have implemented the Pledge

  • 470 pages of creative activities and lesson plans for Grades K-2 and 3-5 for each of the 7 Pledge components

  • Special units on dealing with racism, violence in play and the media, and the violence of war and terrorism.  This last unit is especially helpful for educators who want to help children deal with what it means to be a peacemaker after 9/11

  • Kids Creating Circles of Peace student workbook

  • Families Creating a Circle of Peace for parents as well as teachers

  • Celebrating Racial Diversity teachers manual

  • Teaching Peace CD and Teachers Guide/Songbook

  • Parent handouts for use at home


    Why Your School Needs This Kit

  • Everyone is concerned about violence -- this Kit gives you the tools to do something positive about violence

  • The Kit will help your students learn skills for resolving conflicts nonviolently and make your school a safer place to be and a more effective place to learn.  The Kit will help students become more critical viewers of media violence and less violent in their own play

  • The Pledge of Nonviolence offers students and teachers a positive way of living and acting every day, so that their lives truly do make a difference

  • The Kit provides helpful resources for inviting parents to make the Pledge of Nonviolence a part of their family, reinforcing what the school is teaching their children

  • The program offers concrete action options for confronting the violence your students and their families face in the community, in the media, sometimes even at school or at home

  • The Kit is easy to use with practical and engaging classroom activities for each of the Pledge components and comprehensive teachers manuals for infusing the Pledge into the curriculum year-round

  • And the Kit is fully multicultural, offering hundreds of suggestions for breaking down racial barriers and confronting the violence of racism and the other "-isms" that are the roots of violence in our society


Public School Kit, K-5, $99.95


Teacher Lesson Plan Resource Book, K-5, $49.95