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Some Easy Steps You Can Take to Prevent Gun Violence


1. Consider banning guns, especially handguns, from your house.  If you already own or plan to buy a gun, do the following:

  • Store all firearms unloaded and uncocked in a locked container.

  • Store guns and ammunition in separate locked containers.

  • Use a padlock or trigger lock on handguns.

  • When handling or cleaning a gun, never leave it unattended or out of your view.

  • Make sure your children know the dangers of guns and that they should never touch or handle them.  Repeat the message that they should seek help from a parent or other trusted adult if they encounter a gun anywhere.

  • If your child has an emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problem, make extra efforts to ensure that he or she has no access to firearms, even sporting ones.

2. Even if you don’t own a gun, check with parents of children in whose homes your children play and visit.  Make sure stringent safety precautions are endorsed and followed.

3. Encourage your family doctor or health clinic to provide family education regarding weapons (especially in the home), family violence, alcohol and drug abuse, anger management, and healthy disciplinary techniques.

4. Help organize an after-school program at your school, place or worship, or home.   This is the riskiest time of day, when violent assaults by older kids take place, when gang recruitment begins in earnest, and when kids who resist are likely to become victims.

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