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Group Activities on the School & Youth Pledge of Nonviolence

For the Season for Nonviolence & Year-Round Implementation

Dear Educator for Nonviolence:

In response to many requests for easy-implementation tools for nonviolence education, the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence headquarters office is grateful to the Institute for Peace and Justice and its Families Against Violence Advocacy Network for providing this adaptable curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be used in conjunction with the School Pledge of Nonviolence and the Youth Pledge of Nonviolence.

Introduction. The following activities, one or two for each of the seven components of the Pledge of Nonviolence, were chosen for several reasons.

  • They can be adapted for grades 3 through 12. Teachers and leaders at each grade level will need to adapt the activity for their own students.

  • These activities reflect the diversity of learning styles and the creativity that are necessary for impacting students as effectively as possible.

  • They are participatory, involving students in teaching as well as learning.

  • They are designed to nurture both values and skills in students and challenge students to live what they are learning.

Sources. These activities are just a few of the hundreds of activities developed in the Alternatives to Violence Kits for Public Schools, K-5, Public Schools, Grades 6-12, Christian Education and Schools, K-8, and Christian High Schools & Youth Groups, and the LESSON PLAN RESOURCE BOOK for the "Teens Acting for Peace" (TAP) Program. Find descriptions and ordering information for any of these resources.

Pledge Components & Activity Titles

Respect Self & Others: "Hit Me Im Different"

Communicate Better: "Use Verbal Muscle to Deal with Anger"

Listen Carefully: "Listening Faces" and "Listening Hearts"

Forgive: "Bury Our Grudges"

Respect Nature: "Speaking for the Earth"

Play Creatively: "Grab Bag Dramatics"

Act Courageously: "Help the Dream Come True" and "Patriotism & Peacemaking"

If you are looking for additional activities or would like to discuss how best to use and adapt these activities to your situation, contact Jim McGinnis - ppjn@aol.com or 314-533-444

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