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Prayer & Action for Peace in Somalia

by Jim McGinnis, inspired by his new book



IPJ Colleagues & Friends "Praying for Peace Around the Globe,"

As we continue to pray and act for peace around the globe this week, especially as tensions mount in Iran after a much disputed election and the people and government of Somalia plead for our support, please consider forwarding this weekly prayer & action request to your networks.



Insight & Focus. To help focus our prayer and action on the people and leaders of Somalia during this week that includes their independence day (June 26), as they try to cope with the rampant chaos that has plagued their lives the past two decades, read the New York Times article and print the photo of the Somali mother and her wounded son: “No Winners in the Horizon in Somalia’s Long Battle with Chaos.” Then move to the prayer and action suggestions from the book, pp. 50-52.



Prayer for Peace in Somalia

O God of peace, we pray for peace in Somalia and that clan and military leaders would repent of the devastation they have caused to their land and their peoples.  May we also repent of our own violence to others and to our earth.

O God of compassion, be with the million Somalis who have fled their homes or country.  Fill us with your compassion to reach out to refugees in our own communities and to share more generously from the abundance of gifts you have given us.

O God of justice, as You continue to give us our daily bread, help us to work for bread for our world and to support the efforts of relief agencies providing food, water and medical care to millions of our Somali sisters and brothers.  Protect those aid workers and others who dare to be your agents of justice and compassion.

O God of courage, give us the courage and persistence to keep working and praying for a change in national and international policy, so that the Millennium Development Goals for halving global poverty by the year 2015 will be realized.



Action.  See and listen to the voices of Somali women pleading for peace and for our support of their efforts on a 8:48 video clip on YouTube. Consider supporting the work of medical groups like Doctors Without Borders and the International Medical Corps, and the advocacy efforts of the ONE Campaign for the Millennium Development Goals. 

Order your copy of PRAYING FOR PEACE AROUND THE GLOBE online, email jimppjn@aol.com or call 1-800-833-0245. 

Thanks for caring,