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Prayer & Action for Peace in Iran and between the US and Iran

by Jim McGinnis, inspired by his new book


As we continue to pray and act for peace around the globe this week, especially as tensions mount in Iran after a much disputed election and President Obama seeks a more positive relationship with Iran, please consider forwarding this weekly prayer & action request to your networks.

Insight & Focus.
  To help focus our prayer and action on the people and leaders of Iran and to support our own leaders in their efforts to build a more peaceful relationship with Iran, read these NY Times stories, and focus on the photos of Iranian citizens and their candidate Mir Hussein Moussavi and his esteemed wife: Defiance Grows and Opposition Defies Protest Ban, and for the story and photo of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  Pray for a peaceful and just outcome to this crisis and opportunity for building bridges with the people and leaders of Iran and consider the action suggestions below.  For an analysis of the election, plus an invitation to wear green as a sign of solidarity, see Rabbi Art Waskow's article, Solidarity with Iran from the Shalom Center website.

Prayer for the Courage to Love Our Enemies.

God of all creation, open our hearts and eyes so that we might see the face of our adversary, and recognize, as you do, that they are our sister, our brother.
God of justice, You call us to live in truth.  Give us the strength to admit our past transgressions, and to build new partnerships with old enemies.
God of peace, You call us to love our enemies.  Give us the wisdom to translate that love into a choice for dialogue over demonization, diplomacy over military confrontation.
God of nonviolence, lead us on your path to peace, that we might walk humbly with you.
We ask this in the name of the One whose peace we seek, Jesus the Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.  Amen.
(by Dave Robinson, quoted from Peaceweavings: Nonviolence and Dialogue with Iran, Summer 2008; published by Pax Christi USA and used with their permission)

  Consider joining Pax Christi USA and its advocacy suggestions, the Fellowship of Reconciliation's Iran Initiative and send a letter of friendship to the Iranian people, and supporting Iranians for Peace, a network of Iranians from around the world working for peace between our two countries.

Thanks for caring,