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The Pledge of Nonviolence Spreads to Prisons

From the Summer 2001 Newsletter



For 18 months, the inmates in the Violent Offender Program (VOP) at the Missouri Eastern Correctional Center have been working consistently and courageously to put into practice the Inmate Pledge of Nonviolence.  They created this pledge with the help of Dr. James McGinnis, one of the outside facilitators of VOP.  The Inmate Pledge has become an integral part of every phase of VOP, a unique, intensive self-help program created in 1996 by three inmates and facilitated by a team of 12 inmates and 10 outside volunteers.  This issue contains some of the essays the inmates wrote to describe what they are doing to live the pledge.  There is also an opportunity for us to write our own reflections on themes from the Pledge. Below are links to two essays written by the inmates:


Listening Carefully Means Caring Fully

To Forgive and Seek Forgiveness
"Making a List Helped Me"