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Domestic Violence

From the Fall 2001 Newsletter



Since September 11, violence has taken on new and horrific dimensions for all of us.  The acts of terror that snuffed out so many innocent lives that day have changed us forever.  Where once we felt so protected, almost immune, from such acts, we now feel so vulnerable.  Many people ask the question, in light of violence of such incredible proportions, "What can I do?"


Click here for the statement we prepared in response to September 11 events.  It invites you to recommit to the vision of our Pledge of Nonviolence.   It calls each of us to work for alternatives to violence every day, wherever we are.  It calls us to be courageous advocates for nonviolence in our communities, country and world.


One of the key advocacy issues that FAVAN decided to address is domestic violence.  Unfortunately the roots of violence for many Americans are in the home.  One study of men incarcerated for violence offenses found that 85 percent of them first experienced violence in the home, among their families.  If we are going to end violence, one place we have to start is in the home.


We are indebted to the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence for assistance in putting together this issue of the newsletter.


We invite you, therefore, to join with us in recommitting to nonviolence by working to put an end to domestic violence.  Peace in the world is clearly built on peace in our homes.


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