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Media Violence that Affects Our Children's Lives

From the May 2001 Newsletter



    This issue of the Newsletter explores some of the dimensions of media violence that affect our children's lives. This area continues to be a constantly expanding mass of information and challenges for parents and others who work with children. In this issue we are highlighting several groups who are doing some cutting edge research and compiling of action suggestions. We lift up specifically some of the developments in video games, especially first-person shooter games; an alert about specific kinds of cartoons; and a wonderful web site resource on all kinds of media--games, television and movies. The changes and developments are difficult to keep up with in this field. We hope these resources will be helpful to you.  Here are links to the newsletter articles:


Marketing Violence to Our Children
Media Violence Research Update
Resources and Action Possibilities
TV Tips:  Viewing with Your Family

FAVAN Update: FAVAN articles in the May 2001 Newsletter