Jim McGinnis’ death

inspires renewed commitment

to IPJ mission


The sudden death of Jim McGinnis on August 13, 2009 stunned peace and justice advocates across the country and around the world.  Amidst the mourning and celebrations of Jim’s life came an immediate call to continue the work of the Institute for Peace and Justice.


Kathy McGinnis, co-Director of  IPJ and Jim McGinnis’ spouse of 42 years, affirmed the Institute’s  intention to continue with the many initiatives that are making a difference every day at the individual, local and national levels.


The Institute for Peace & Justice creates written and online resources.  Each offers practical resources for social justice causes and peacemaking at every level.  Kathy McGinnis explains that “actionable ideas and tools have been the hallmark of IPJ’s methods and materials.  It’s important for us to continue to offer these practical suggestions for families, teachers and others.”  Many ideas and free resources are offered on the IPJ website and in its monthly e-newsletter ‘Peace Pieces.’


Racial and economic justice are cornerstones in IPJ’s work.  Joe Wiley, chair of the IPJ’s board of directors and former NAACP leader, spoke at Jim McGinnis’ memorial. He made a passionate call to ‘use the occasion of Jim’s death to redouble IPJ efforts by supporting the Institute with resources and personal involvement in its causes everywhere.’


Among the activities dedicated to people on the margins of society, the Institute is continuing its work with ex-offenders.  In the St Louis area, IPJ now plays a role in the training of mentors for individuals when they are released from prison., as well as teaching problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.


IPJ will continue its leadership in growing the exciting new ‘Young Artists for Peace & Justice’ programming.  That work has inspired youth to create their own artistic performance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s message.


Arun Gandhi, non-violence activist commented, “As the Institute for Peace & Justice completes its 40th year, the loss of its co-founder Jim McGinnis shines a light on the importance of his causes and the ongoing mission of the Institute for Peace & Justice.  It must continue.”  Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, is a frequent collaborator with the IPJ.



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