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Jim McGinnis

James B. McGinnis, 67, married to Kathleen McCoy McGinnis, 3 children & 3 grandchildren




  • Ph.D. in Philosophy (Ethics) from St. Louis University (l974); dissertation on Gandhi's understanding of freedom and nonviolence

  • MA in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America (l965)



  • Founder and program coordinator of the Institute for Peace and Justice

  • Founder and international co-coordinator with Kathleen McGinnis of the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network and animator of the Families Against Violence Advocacy Network (FAVAN)

  • Director of the Teens Acting for Peace Program, a violence prevention training program

  • Coordinator of Young Artists for Justice and Peace, a multi-artistic presentation of the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, performed by and for youth

  • Faculty member at:

    • Kenrick Seminary, 1976-1985

    • Seattle University SUMORE Program, 1977-1989

    • Loyola University Institute for Pastoral Ministry Program, 1974-1979

    • St. Louis University, Philosophy and Education departments, l970-l975

    • Adjunct professor of Christian Education at Eden Theological Seminary

  • Peace education consultant and workshop presentor/trainer for many Roman Catholic dioceses, school offices, family life programs, and peace and justice commissions;  for Protestant peacemaking, family life, and religious education agencies;  for seminaries, religious formation programs, and religious communities; and for public schools

  • Retreat director on "A Spirituality of Peacemaking", "The Journey into Compassion", "The Pledge of Nonviolence", "Reconciliation with the Earth", and related themes.

  • Teacher and lecturer on the nonviolence of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Francis ofAssisi, with a special educational and compassionate ministry as "Francis the Clown"

  • Facilitator of the “SOS Process” with offenders, ex-offenders, and youth

  • Facilitator for “Prison Pledge of Nonviolence” groups

  • Community Service

    • Volunteer-in-Corrections with the Violent Offender Program at Missouri Eastern Correctional Center and facilitator for "Prison Pledge of Nonviolence" groups

    • Volunteer for the BJC Hospice program, 2000-present



Author of numerous books, articles, and audio-visual presentations:

  • For Families and Faith Communities

    • Hope Springs from God (JED: Christian Education: Shared Approaches, United Church Press, l987) -- an intergenerational program on hope, the arms race, and poverty.

    • Parenting for Peace and Justice:  10 Years Later (Orbis Books, l990) and the Spanish language translation, Ser Padres Para La Paz y La Justicia (Institute for Peace & Justice, 1995)

    • Helping Teens Care (Crossroads, 1991)

    • Families Caring: Intergenerational Leaders Guide  (IPJ, l995)

    • Building Shalom Families for the 1990’s and Beyond, a video program and guidebook (IPJ, l994)

    • Families Creating a Circle of Peace (IPJ, 1997)

    • Familias Creando un Circulo de Paz (IPJ, 1998)

    • A Call to Peace: 52 Meditations on the Family Pledge of Nonviolence (Liguori Publications, 1998)

    • Jubilee Families...Living the Family Pledge of Nonviolence (US Catholic Conference and IPJ, 1999)

    • Creating Circles of Peace: Alternatives to Violence Kit for Churches (IPJ, 2002; 2nd edition)

    • Creando Circulos de Paz: Prevencion de Violencia Paquete para Iglesias (IPJ, 1999)

  • For Public & Parochial Schools & Religious Education Programs

    • Educating for Peace and Justice: K-5 (IPJ, l997)

    • Educating for Peace and Justice: Religious Dimensions, K-6 and Grades 7-12 (IPJ l993; 8th edition)

    • Creating Circles of Peace:  Alternatives to Violence Kit for Public Schools: K-5 (IPJ, 2002; 2nd edition)

    • Creating Circles of Peace:  Alternatives to Violence Kit for Public Schools: 6-12 (IPJ, 1999)

    • Creating Circles of Peace: Alternatives to Violence Kit for Christian Education/Schools (IPJ, 2003; 2nd edition)

    • Christian High School & Youth Group Program on the Pledge of Nonviolence (IPJ, 2003; 2nd edition)

    • The Things that Make for Peace, for K-8 (IPJ & Pax Christi USA, 2003)

    • The Things that Make for Peace, for High Schools & Youth Groups (IPJ & Pax Christi USA, 2003)

  • Hunger, Global Economic Injustice, Central America

    • Bread and Justice:  Toward  a New International Economic Order, text, teachers book, and 3 filmstrips (Paulist Press, l979)

    • Those Who Hunger, tabloid, leaders guide, and slide presentation (Paulist Press, l979)

    • Solidarity with the People of Nicaragua (Orbis Books, l985)

  • Prison Ministry

    • Amazing Grace: The Story of the VOP (Violent Offender Program; IPJ, 2001)

  • A Spirituality of Peacemaking;  Nonviolence

    • Journey into Compassion:  A Spirituality for the Long Haul (Orbis, 1993)

    • "A Dramatization of the Life of Francis of Assisi" live performance and video

    • A Call to Peace:  52 Meditations on the Family Pledge of Nonviolence (Liguori Publications, 1998)



  • 1985 Salt Magazine "Women in the Church" award

  • 1991 Peace Abbey "Courage of Conscience" award

  • 1990 National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers’ "Recognition Award"

  • 1995 Pax Christi USA "Teacher of Peace" award