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Take Action of Issues of Violence


Gun Violence


Brady Campaign

Works to prevent gun violence; promotes legislation limiting gun accessibility; contains updated press releases as well as state-by-state gun law information.  (202) 898-0792


Alliance for Justice

Provides information, resources, and ideas for action for college students, high school students, legal professionals, social workers, and healthcare professionals.  (202) 822-6070



Violence in the Media



Puts out an annual guide to violent and nonviolent toys, as well as some good guidelines for parents on children and play.


American Academy of Pediatrics Media Matters

Includes timely articles on media violence and access to a speaker's bureau.


National Institute on Media and the Family

A resource for parents, teachers, and community leaders; gives movie, TV, and video game content ratings; media awareness programs; helpful hints for families to evaluate media use. (888) 672-5437



Hate Violence and Racism


Southern Poverty Law Center

Includes a "tolerance watch" with updated information on hate crime issues, 10 ways to fight hate, and 101 tools for tolerance; offers unique materials for teachers, parents, and kids working to promote tolerance. (334) 956-8200


Center for New Community

Has a mission to revitalize Midwest communities toward democracy, justice, and racial equality; counters bigotry through its "building democracy initiative" and engages congregations through its "faith-based organizing." (708) 848-0319


National Conference for Community and Justice

A human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and racism in America; promotes understanding and respect through advocacy, conflict mediation, and education. (212) 545-1300



The Violence of Poverty


Children’s Defense Fund

Addresses child poverty and its broad reaching effects; offers updated information on related legislative issues and provides opportunities to take action. (202) 628-8787



Violence in Schools


National Crime Prevention Council

A comprehensive national campaign to end crime and violence; includes lists of a dozen things parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, principals, and the rest of us can do to help prevent school violence. (202) 466-6272



Domestic Violence


Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence

An international, interfaith resource educating religious and community leaders for effective response to and prevention of sexual and domestic violence. Their national strategy emphasizes leadership development training and the creation of resources for educators and advocates. (206) 634-1903


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

A multi-faceted organization that offers conferences, public policy awareness and lobbying, a guide to organizing community responses, a help hotline for victims, and many other helpful resources. (303) 839-1852


Family Violence Prevention Fund

Takes a holistic approach by developing outreach tools for fathers, mothers, children, families, neighborhoods, public schools, and workplaces; gives opportunities for advocacy and community collaboration. (415) 252-8900



Violence of Terrorism and War


Voices for Creative Nonviolence

First hand accounts by Kathy Kelly and others on the impact of the war in Iraq, in Gaza, and in Pakistan, on residents and refugees from these war zones.  Electronic Iraq provides reports from Voices staff and other analysts on the scene.


American Friends Service Committee

Serves as a meeting point for educators, organizers, and activists working for alternatives to war; essays and info about military, civil liberties, international law, etc., as well as opportunities for advocacy and activism.  (215) 241-7003

For progressive faith-based analysis/action on these issues and more:

Fellowship of Reconciliation: Interfaith

Sojourners: Christian

Pax Christi: Catholic

Tikkun Community: Jewish

Shalom Center: Jewish

Muslim Peace Fellowship: Muslim

Council on American-Islamic Relations: Muslim