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Troy Anthony Davis

Troy Anthony Davis was an African American man killed by the State of Georgia last year.  Troy had already spent the last 20+ years on death row for a murder he did not commit.  There was no physical evidence tying him to the crime and seven out of nine witnesses had already recanted their testimony.  New evidence and new testimony had been presented to the Georgia courts, but the justice system refuses to consider this evidence, which would have proved Troy Davis’ innocence once and for all.  So for Troy & many others, tell our legislators: The death penalty is no longer acceptable.


Reggie Clemons

Breaking News: Reggie Clemons' case to get review!  On June 30th, the Missouri Supreme Court appointed a "special master" to review the case - this will be a Jackson County Circuit Judge who will hear new evidence and can subpoena witnesses. This should allow the many troubling aspects of the Clemons' case (police brutality, racial tension, prosecutorial misconduct, unreliable witnesses, inadequate defense) to be reviewed. There is an excellent article in the St. Louis American

Check out Jim McGinnis's Prayer & Action to End the Death Penalty.  And please join the ACLU and sign the petition to demand justice for Reggie Clemons.


The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project

The Play Project is more than a performance of Dead Man Walking. It involves other elements of campus life and learning activities in addition to drama and theatre: debates; art exhibits; symposia and special convocations; classroom explorations of ethics, the meaning of justice, the possibility of redemption, and many more.




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Bread For the World

Join Bread for the World in reflection, prayer and action to help reduce hunger and poverty. Write and inform your representatives to ensure that the economic stimulus package includes critical nutrition assistance to families as unemployment increases. Read the 2009 World Hunger Report and take action. Find resources for organizing for action in your communities and how to celebrate Lent meaningfully this year.

Water for the World Act

Senators Durbin and Corker introduced S. 624, The Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2009, a bipartisan bill to make clean water a reality. But with only five cosponsors, the bill isn’t getting the attention it needs for a hearing and further action by Senate leaders. It must have at least 20 cosponsors to move forward.


The One Campaign

A grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2 million people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Co-founded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African policy makers and activists.  See how you can ACT NOW.


Tell Congress: Don't Take Food From Poor Children!

TELL CONGRESS: Stop cuts for hungry children. Improving the lives of our children means funding both food stamps and child nutrition programs.


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Remember Iraq

Help Direct Aid Iraq (DAI), a grassroots medical relief project benefiting Iraqis displaced by war and chaos. Take Action!


AFSC Wage Peace Campaign

This program of the American Friends Service Committee provides action updates, plus 2 very effective short visual experiences of the impact of the war:"EYES WIDE OPEN" and the "THE COST OF WAR".

A Catholic Petition to End the War

Sponsored by Pax Christi USA, Catholics United, and NETWORK

Electronic Iraq

One of the outgrowths of Kathy Kelly's Voices in the Wilderness (renamed Voices for Creative Nonviolence) presence in Iraq is this excellent source from within Iraq, providing news, analysis, and the human stories of the war; to sneak behind the headlines and highlight the Iraqi experience of war.


On the Aftermath of the War in Iraq:



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Prayer & Action for Peace in Iran and between Iran and the US

Prayer and action inspired by Jim McGinnis' new book: Praying for Peace Around the Globe.




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House Bill to Aid Gulf Coast Residents

The Gulf Coast Civic Works Act of 2009 (H.R. 2269) would create 100,000 living wage jobs and training opportunities for Gulf Coast residents and displaced people to rebuild critical infrastructure, restore natural flood protection and increase energy efficiency.  This important legislation allows the federal government to partner directly with local leaders and non-profits to address remaining recovery challenges while building resilience to climate change, mitigating the effects of future deadly storms and confronting poverty. It also addresses the challenges faced by internally displaced, elderly, disabled, women, low income, immigrant and minority communities.


The Golf Coast Civic Works Project

The national student movement to pass the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act.  Read updated blogs and see how you can take action now.





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United Farm Workers

Send letters to President Obama and members of Congress to help push reform!  Now is the time to move forward with a comprehensive immigration reform bill that recognizes reality and embodies equity for hard-working immigrant families, businesses and the American people who have been plagued for too long with a broken immigration system.


Coalition on Human Needs

Support the Coalition on Human Needs create a stronger voice for fairness, effectiveness and integrity in federal legislation affecting immigrants by adding your organization to the letter.  See the 2008 Immigration Restrictions


National Immigrant Solidarity Network


Justice for Immigrants


Support United Farm Workers by Signing the AgJOBS Pledge Today





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Save Darfur

Take Action: Ask President Obama to make Sudan a priority in his talks with China & Japan. Sign the petition.



The Holocaust Memorial Museum

What is genocide?  And more specifically, what can we do about the genocide in Darfur?


Darfur -- Not Another Rwanda




Middle East Peacemaking

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Global Fund for Women campaigns for Gaza

Stop The Killing: Global Fund for Women Demands An Immediate End To The Violence In Gaza. Read a powerful letter by Global Fund CEO & President Kavita Ramdas demanding an end to all the ongoing violence in Gaza. Click Title to link you for Action.


Collateral Repair Project: Buy a Nail, Build a City

A grassroots movement in Amman, Jordan together with two women are building a community center for Iraqis in exile. This will help create a space of belonging and safety where they can begin recovery of their lives. Based on the American tradition of BARN-BUILDING, Sasha and Mary are inviting you, your friends and organizations to help them make this project a reality.



Suggestions for Supporting Middle East Peacemaking

Specific suggestions from Dianne Lee based on her visits to the region in 2004 and 2005.




Legislative Action:

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Health Care Reform Sign the Petition!

Since taking office, President Obama hasn't said much about a key plank of health care reform—the public health insurance option. Some worried he had backed off from his support of it. Yesterday, all that changed. Obama said, "I strongly believe that Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option operating alongside private plans. This will give them a better range of choices, make the health care market more competitive, and keep insurance companies honest."


The U.S. Federal Budget

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a wealth of information about the proposed U.S. federal budget for FY2010, how the budget process works, and alternatives.

Peace Tax Fund

Network: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby

A progressive voice within the Catholic community that has been influencing Congress in favor of peace and justice for more than 30 years.  They lobby on a variety of issues, from ecological justice to health care access.


Friends Committee on National Legislation

A Quaker lobby organization focused on issues that range from preventing war to justice for Native Americans.  They offer a great many action suggestions on these issues.


Contact your Representatives

In the House of Representatives or in the Senate.




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Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World

Join the campaign for a more peaceful and nuclear weapon free country and reinvigorate US leadership in disarmament.



Sign a petition to support nuclear weapons reform


Tears of War

A touching story by Jim Wallis about his father, a World War II veteran.



Racism, Materialism, Militarism:

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Helping Families Respond to Dr. King’s Call to Challenge Racism, Materialism & Militarism

Especially the 10 ways for What Families Can Do About Racism


What to Do about Racism


Solidarity with the Victims of Domination


When Silence Is Betrayal

Excerpts from Dr. King's speech and reflection questions


The Connection Between Materialism & Militarism

excerpts from Bryan Massingale's The Security We Seek essay analyzing President Bush's National Strategy for Homeland Security and National Security Strategy Memoranda



Justice and Children:





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Guns and Children

Support Legislation Against Proliferation of Guns in America


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