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Celebrating Our 40th Year!



Check out our new photohistory!  A wonderful photo gallery documenting our 40 years of service.


Text Box: Kathy and Jim McGinnis receiving their NAACP award June 14, 2009.









Testimonials for the 40th Anniversary of IPJ 


"You definitely make a difference in our world. How much poorer we all would be were it not for the effects of your work and dedication! Thanks for keeping it up all these years, through the good times and the other times--all good in God's eyes. Blessings to you and your family and your work."  
--Joan Falk, IPJ Shareholder


"Congratulations on being chosen as two of the most inspiring St. Louisans by the St. Louis Branch of the NAACP.  I have always admired your work and am grateful for all that you do for our community...."
--Michael McMillan, License Collector, City of St. Louis


"Recently we sold our home in Newton, KS, after a move to Wichita.  As part of the tithe on the proceeds, we are sharing some funds with various organizations whose work inspires us spiritually.  Since the time when I was on the IPJ Board (in the 1980s) and Carole and I got to know Jim and Kathy, we have been inspired by their work and the examples of their lives.  Never have I been among a community nor served on a board more ecumenical and interfaith than that of IPJ!  You are a light to the nations and all peoples.  May the winds of the Spirit come again from the four directions to revitalize many more people for such dedicated service (Ezekiel 37:9)!"

--Bob and Carole Hull, IPJ Shareholders



"Thank you, Jim and Kathy, for your dedication to a just world!  And for the wonderful morning at your office on June 15.  It was a real eye-opener and heart-opener.  I left feeling inspired, and the kids are still talking about their time with you...."

--Christine Mayer, Mary Institute/Country Day School (MICDS)

"I am very happy to hear that your work and your dedicated spirit have been recognized by the 100 Most Influential People of St. Louis Award (NAACP).  With heartfelt gratitude, I want you to know that you have influenced me. And I am confident more people than you can hope or imagine have been watching you, modeling their lives accordingly, and passing the same dedication on to many more people. May God continue to bless all the good work you do."
--Deb Meister, Liguori Publications



"Dear Jim and Kathy.  I thought the work you do for peace and justice is awesome.  It inspired me to work harder.  The fact that you did the right thing even though it was the hard thing [as a National Guardsman in Memphis the night Dr. King was killed] inspired me to do the right thing no matter what.

--Gabrielle Harris, 8th grader, Mary Institute/Country Day School (MICDS)










Kathy & Jim McGinnis Honored by the NAACP

As 2 of the 100 “Most Inspiring St. Louisans"


"As the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, the St. Louis chapter honored on Sunday night, June 14, 2009, 100-plus area people who, in their own ways, have inspired through their leadership, tenacity, energy or good will."

--St. Louis Post-Dispatch


As described on the NAACP website, “this prestigious honor was awarded to men and women in the St. Louis metropolitan area who inspire others by demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the St. Louis metropolitan area. These men and women are respected by their peers, have proven to be exemplary role models and have achieved public and private greatness.”


Kathy and Jim were cited especially for their work for racial justice and interracial understanding for more than 4 decades, as part of their commitment to promote peace and justice through the variety of programs that make up their Institute for Peace and Justice, itself celebrating its 40th year.